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We hired Kaitlyn for day of planning and quickly added design services to the package. She was instrumental in making our vision of the wedding come alive. The big day was everything we hoped it would be and more. Kaitlyn was calm, cool and collected leading up the the event. Which is what you really need in a wedding planner. My daughter was reassured when Kaitlyn was involved and I had no responsibilities the day of except to enjoy. Kaitlyn was always a text or a phone call away. I was very impressed by her professionalism and her ability to accomplish an amazing amount. We recommend her without reservations.
— ~ Mrs. Snoddon (mother of the bride) 9.29.18
We hired Kaitllyn for her “Month of Services” and could not be happier that we did. Leading up to the wedding, she was helpful recommending vendors and giving us feedback on contracts and other planning details. A few weeks out, we had a call to go through everything. She had a ton of questions for us and helped us think about the small details we hadn’t thought of. We had a relatively atypical wedding plan, but she totally got what we were going for, and adjusted everything accordingly. The week prior to the wedding, our venue actually fell through (which was a complete disaster!) but somehow Kaitlyn knew even before I could text her...she called me right away, and within 20 minutes had 2-3 great alternatives. We chose a new venue within a few hours, and after than Kaitlyn was extremely helpful getting all of our other vendors organized and on board with the new plan. More than anything, Kaitlyn assured us that everything would be perfect, and allowed us to not stress. On the day of, Kaitlyn executed the event perfectly, as we wanted it, and more than anything gave us the feeling the we had nothing to worry about (I am normally a big worrier). Her personality is amazing, very similar to ours, so she knew exactly what we wanted. At the end of the night, her team made sure the venue was cleaned up, rentals were stored, etc., so again, we had nothing to worry about. Would highly recommend Kaitlyn for your wedding planner!
— ~ Mr. Reed 9.8.18
Kaitlyn was easily one of the best decisions made throughout the entire wedding planning process. After interviewing 5 different wedding planners/coordinators, I found Kaitlyn and she was the perfect balance of being responsive, assertive, and genuine. Come the week of my wedding, many chaotic things happened and everything that could’ve went wrong, pretty much did. Not only did she handle everything with elegance and grace, she kept it together and pulled off my dream wedding - without letting me stress or lift a finger. I don’t know if I will ever be able to thank her enough for all of her hard work. But seriously - if you are looking for a wedding planner or coordinator, hire Kaitlyn! You will thank me later!

~Mrs. Burdick 7.8.17

Hiring Kaitlyn as our day of coordinator was one of the best decisions we made! We would have been absolutely lost without her. Kaitlyn was incredibly organized and thorough, going way above and beyond and making sure each detail of our wedding was perfect! I had planned our farm/backyard wedding solo up until hiring Kaitlyn and the relief I felt as soon as she came on board was indescribable. I didn’t need to worry about anything!

Kaitlyn is a complete yes person, willing to take on the most tedious projects (potting over 60 small table plants) and complicated table settings (sorry!) For all of our ideas, the answer was never no, only how can we pull this off.

Not only was Kaitlyn professional and so on-top of everything, but she is an awesome and kind & considerate person to boot! She was such good vibes during the whole process, which, we learned, is very important on your big day!

Kaitlyn and Lauren, thank you so much for making our day perfect and stress-free!!

~Mrs. Standing 6.24.17

“Hiring KH weddings and events as our wedding planner was honestly the BEST decision we made during the entire planning process. First of all, Kaitlyn is the sweetest, kindest person EVER. She’s just amazing, patient and full of ideas, and she also has the crucial budgetingskills and knowledge base to make sure you’re staying on track and get everything you want from each vendor. I can’t express how amazing she was...easy to contact, near-instant replies at almost all times of day..and night ;). Thank you so much Kaitlyn!”

~Mrs. Collins 9.17.16

“I could not have pulled off the wedding of my dreams without Kaitlyn and her team. We hired her early on in the planning process after seeing my Pinterest board had over 400+ photos in it of things that I loved. I nailed down most of the main vendors but when it came time todesign and keeping a consistent look without over doing it ( and fitting in with my budget) I knew I needed help. Kaitlyn designed a partial planning package that included month of coordination and her expert advice on concept and design. She really understood my vision and what I wanted to accomplish and helped me find vendors and sites where I could make it all happen. Kaitlyn is truly a professional and her can do, “no worries”, attitude is contagious. I was so thrilled to have her help and our wedding day was absolutely what I had envisioned and more. My parents still talk about how Kaitlyn personally served my elderly grandparents so they didn’t have to get up to go to the buffet! Thanks Kaitlyn & team you guys are the best!!”

~Mrs. Williams 8.13.16

“Kaitlyn deserves more than five stars for the work that she put into making my wedding the most amazing event of my life. Each time we spoke, I felt completely confident that she understood my vision and expectations and that she would execute them. She was encouraging, positive, and so so so helpful. She really went above and beyond in making sure that my husband and I remained stress-free and happy.”

~Mrs. Matell 5.28.16